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Lacey Baker (TheNiteOwl82)

Being a wife, mom to 4 awesome daughers and vice president of home management keeps me pretty busy. I somehow manage to squeeze in some time for gaming though. I grew up playing all the clasics, Nintendo, Sega, Atari, and you can't forget Monopoly. I love all things gaming related, but my first love is board gaming. I'm a crazy busy person, and sitting still is not easy for me. I am always on the go doing something. I love how gaming can settle me down and gives me something to focus my mind on. These days, gaming is a bit slower paced and is a great way to spend some quality time with the hubby and kiddos.


Adam Howard (IrefulOtter)

Husband, Fur-papa, Hockey Lover, IT Professional. As a kid, we only ever had the NES, so for the longest time I played games like Kid Icarus, Mario, Duck Hunt, and Tetris. I skipped quite a few console generations, only managing to play the SNES thanks to one of my neighbor friends back then. Fast-forward to being a young adult, and after joining the military, I picked up a PS2, and eventually an OG Xbox. I fell into the PC Gaming crowd thanks to some military buddies and the joyous time-suck that is World of Warcraft, a game I treat like most folks do their diet. While I feel more comfortable with a mouse and keyboard, I am forcing myself to adopt the controller-life having picked up an Xbox One S in late 2018. To date, I am loving the game play and stories being told through both PC and console platforms.


Sarah Loya (AerisBeth)

I'm a stay at home wife, mom, and avid gamer of all kinds. I started playing video games on my brother's old NES with the classic Mario Bros and Duck Hunt and I was always player two. I wasn't interested in gaming until I was given a PS2 in college and was introduced to Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X, and Guitar Hero. Board gaming became a big part of my life when my husband and I were invited to a game night. We started our own weekly game night about 5 years ago with games like Ticket to Ride and Pandemic. These days my husband and I have most gaming consoles and a large collection of board games. Our love of gaming is what brings our family together.



Titanroguex85 Profile 1.jpg

Greg Chaney (TitanrogueX85)

Hello, my name is Greg and I’m located in Missouri. I have played console and pc games since the age of 6. My first memories are playing the SNES with my cousin. I tend to enjoy RPGs genre the most. I have an amazing wife and 4 kiddos running around all the time. My day job is selling caramel colored sugar water and making sure customers are "happy". My streaming is not a constant basis due to work and kid's events going on. I love video games and enjoy getting to know the community in gaming. I currently play on Xbox and PC. If you see me on, reach out to me. Cheers


Chester Baker (NoisyCricket405)

A crazy dad with a passion for games. Having 4 beautiful daughters keeps my (smoking hot) wife and I pretty busy, but I still find time to squeeze in some video gaming here and there. I grew up with parents who loved electronics and gaming, but I fell out of the hobby for a few years as an adult. It wasn't until I got an Xbox 360 Slim at a work Christmas party that I really got interested again. Man, I had missed a lot; things had changed! Games seemed so much more in depth to me, so different and exciting. I played a few here and there, but I could always hear the Xbox One out there calling my name. Early 2017 we were buying one of those fancy new 4K TV sets and my wife said "you should buy a new Xbox!" A statement she deeply regrets because it's been "GAME ON BABY" ever since!


Bear Grimsley (TheBearGrimz)

A gaming and technology enthusiast, hugable and snuggly, unless I'm mad, then I'll eat you, because I'm a bear.