This is the start. - What's the expression? Oh yeah... Hello World!

So, it begins. we have a blog, and aren't sure exactly what to call it.... Obviously "blog" won't work, because that's mainstream, and we aren't mainstream. The focus here is to allow our incredible community of Ambassadors to share opinions, reviews, and pretty much whatever they want to share. If you can think of a killer name for this, let us know in the comments below! 

As a community based service, we want to empower our contributors to express themselves, their views an opinions may not reflect that of The Council, and they may not be endorsed by The Offset Collective. We will do our best to plainly differentiate between opinion pieces and factual news reporting when appropriate. There may also be satirical pieces, and these are neither opinion or news by nature. Remember the main focus here is entertainment. Please feel free to reach out to a Council Member if you have any questions or concerns. Check out the Contact Us page for more information.