Episode 54 - Xbox E3 2019

This is one of our favorite times of the year, it’s E3 baby! There are tons of companies doing press conferences, showing off games, and making all sorts of announcements. This one, though… this is our favorite. We love all things Xbox, and love the future of all things gaming!

It's like a dream come true. Each year, Phil and Co come out and give us a ton of gifts. It's like our birthday or something.

Just like last year, we sat and watched the press conference from our studio and dreamed of being there in person. Listen in as we discuss and give a play by play of this year's Xbox E3.

Episode 53 - Xbox E3 hopes and dreams

The guys discuss their predictions and hopes and dreams about the coming Xbox E3 event on June 9th. please tune in next week LIVE during the event to enjoy the banter and lame commentary while we are all hopefully wowed.


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Episode 52 - Spoilercast, religious fruitcakes and Nazis

This is a very special episode of Offset Radio, you’re listening to our double header spoiler cast of Far Cry 5, and Wolfenstein: The New Order. We are going to deep dive in and really chew on both titles a bit, so sit back and enjoy as Bear and Cricket go on a drug induced journey into Montanna and then jump on a U Boat to kill some Nazis.

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Episode 50 - Streaming and Arthritis

Today Bear and I talk about a couple of upcoming games that we’re excited about, what it takes to get your stream right,and why this episode smells fishy. Today is Saturday, May 11, 2019, and this is the special Mothers Day Episode

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Episode 48 - FLOPs

There’s an advanced newbie corner, talk about hoarding and various other mental illness that your beloved hosts may or may not have. We talk some more about the next generation of consoles and take some feedback from listeners.A sax player is suing Epic, Steam is dying, people are in casts! It’s a crazy off the rails show

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Episode 47 - We demand Loyalty

The Guys talk Sobriety, dogs eating lamb, all digital consoles and beloved video gaming character’s nipples . They also talk/rant about loyalty to a brand and the hopefulness of a bright future in video gaming.

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Episode 45 - Bear has a switch, Cricket has opinions

Time off does not do the guys well. Apple arcade and Bear’s new switch get brought up. the guys also deep dive into a listener question about the potentials of Gampass and “play anywhere” titles. all this and the usual Mayhem on this weeks episode off offset radio.

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Episode 43 - heads in the cloud and a cowpoke's sunset.

The Guys get a chance to discuss the new Xbox display app, and chance to talk about the coming Xcloud and how it might measure up to PS4’s remote play. We also ask why Switch going Fortnite players can’t do the floss with the big consoles. Dead cowboys , foul imps and more on this weeks episode of Offset Radio.

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Episode 41 - Bickering, nostalgia, and Anthem

Let’s talk Halo, the future, the past, and how it makes us feel. We dance around a couple topics, and fly straight into others. Pretty interactive show today as we cover some gaming consoles of old and have lively discussions with a smattering of personal insults and name calling.

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Episode 40 - Explosive undies and Betrayal

A few Betrayal legacy SPOILERS and of course the normal shenanigans. New preview update on the Xbox coming. What Gamepass game do you want to finish this year? What Story driven game is easy to get into for new gamers? …. Oh and, Sponsors are back!!

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Episode 38 - "Insert witty title here."

The guys this week discuss news about the strength of Xbox, Wii shop closing ,  Sea of Thieves cross platform and a few minor details about Far Cry : New dawn’s female twin villains. All this and a little bickering on this episode of offset radio…………

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Episode 37 - Javelins and Pinkertons

Bear tries his hand at flying, Cricket tries to explain an abstract concept, we go off the rails politically then try to reign ourselves back in long enough to answer some listener questions, and talk about how sometimes an incomplete dataset is worse than no data at all.

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Episode 36 - I “LOVED” Lucy……….

Several news stories to bring you, a couple of community questions, and a callout for help. We’ll discuss the tragic end to a couple of beloved characters, and what you can do if you want to get banned from Fallout 76. Today is Sunday, January 20, 2019, and you’re listening to Offset Radio.

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Episode 35 - Call me Daddy when you do it.

This week, we’ll tackle a couple of listener questions and some clarification for a prior question. We’ll deep dive into perfect balance, what that means and how hard it is. We’ll also discuss our learning curve on ARK and share some newbie tips and tricks.

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