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Episode 55 - The Last show... Lol J.K.

The guys are back after two weeks of grueling back breaking labor. But our erections are completed! er …….. The new and official TOC studio has entered it’s final phase and is moving right along.

Here in this episode we mention some of obvious fun and challenges we have had along the way and we stop and talk a little gaming too just to spice it up.

Please enjoy your listen. the guys have missed you and look forward to the future in their new space.


Episode 54 - Xbox E3 2019

This is one of our favorite times of the year, it’s E3 baby! There are tons of companies doing press conferences, showing off games, and making all sorts of announcements. This one, though… this is our favorite. We love all things Xbox, and love the future of all things gaming!

It's like a dream come true. Each year, Phil and Co come out and give us a ton of gifts. It's like our birthday or something.

Just like last year, we sat and watched the press conference from our studio and dreamed of being there in person. Listen in as we discuss and give a play by play of this year's Xbox E3.