Fallout Preppers Part 2: The Fallout Timeline

     Hello everyone and welcome to the second installment of Fallout Preppers. In this article, we will be covering the timeline that leads us up to our emergence from the Vault in Fallout 76. You might remember, that Fallout 76 occurs prior to the events in Fallout 3, a mere 25 years after the bombs dropped during the Great War. With that in mind, let's dive right in...

     Humanity’s history has always been and will remain fraught with conflict. The desire to wrangle power over one another in an effort to dominate an enemy is seemingly engrained in the human spirit. The desire for better weapons and technology as a means of getting the leg-up has been a constant effort. Though the  world's history remained largely unchanged through World War II, after World War II, the United States altered its geographic make-up. The Federal Government broke the country up into 13 Commonwealths, each comprised of several states. Theoretically, the government could be better organized and to cease political turmoil. Each commonwealth acted at a level higher than that of the states that comprised them, but below that of the Federal Government. However, as time went on, rather than working together, the commonwealths began working independently and competing against one another.

     During this time, the US is still in the throes of "Red Fever", the constant fear of Communism that had swept the nation, and ultimately lead  to what we know in our own time as the Cold War. However, in this timeline Russia is weakened and Communist China stands in to take its place. The US remained focused on ending the tyranny of Communism, and while the efforts rolled on, oil supplies dropped. Prices increased and the country fell into an even deeper pool of debt. In 2051 the US accused Mexico of destabilizing the border, and placed trade sanctions resulting in the ultimate surmise of the Mexican Government. The US saw this as an opportunity and acted by invading Mexico to retain a constant supply of oil for their efforts elsewhere. At the same time, the Middle East held on to their oil reserves, to which the EU responded in an effort of force to relieve the Middle East of their "Texas Tea". The Resource Wars had begun, and lasted a total of 8 years before the wells inevitably ran dry.

     Reacting to Nuclear bombs being used on Middle East cities during the Resource Wars, the US developed Project Safehouse. This provided a means of building nuclear shelters, in case the same thing happened in their own territories.  The Vaults were born. Their obvious objective - to provide shelter during the inevitable nuclear exchange. Following the EU falling into a Civil War, the only remaining oil fields in the world were found in Alaska, making it a high-priority target for China. In 2066, China invaded Alaska, resulting in the Sino-American War, despite the US having set up a defense force. The war continued for a decade; Each side would develop more powerful weaponry as a means of eliminating the opposition. Power Armor was developed to fight off the Chinese forces. Canada was annexed to the US in 2076 to allow for a direct route to Alaska to fight off Chinese forces. To thwart Chinese invasion, the US attacked mainland China, cutting off war supplies to the front lines. The effort was met with great success, and Alaska was reclaimed in 2077.

     To the US, this great victory indicated the end of the War, but much to their chagrin, the efforts that seemed to have ceased, were only temporarily halted. On October 23, 2077 the Great War began, and only lasted a mere 2 hours, ultimately demolishing major cities and countryside.  Because of the sheer number of nukes launched, the surface of the world was transformed into the post-apocalyptic wasteland we have now come to know. However, not all was lost, as some people managed to survive be it through the safety of a vault, or even out in the Wasteland. In total 122 vaults were created during Project Safehouse.

     A group known as the Enclave, comprise of inside government and mega-corporate groups, thought themselves superior to the common man. Their goal was to ultimately secure their own future. The US Government funded the vaults to serve as a means for human experimentation. These experiments were meant to test physical, psychological, and social interactions with prolonged exposure to a confined environment. The plan of the Enclave was to use the research collected by the vaults to then build their own rocket, and colonize an entirely new plant. Each vault was designed to carry out specific experiments.

     And this leads us to today. We know that the bombs fell 25 years ago, and we, the lucky few of Vault 76 are being asked to go forth and work to reclaim the land we once knew as home. We will be forced to endure many challenges, asked to face our fears, and accomplish feats both large and small. We will meet new faces, and adventure with old friends. Will we work in harmony? Will we be fraught with adversary? Only time will tell.

     There’s a lot of story and history within the timeline of Fallout, and I hope you found this review helpful! As always, if I’ve missed anything, or you have suggestions for other topics, drop me a note below. What are you looking forward to the most? Planning to venture out solo, or do you have a group of friends in mind to go exploring with? Come over and join the discussion on Discord!  Thanks for reading, everyone!