Having kids, doesn’t mean you can’t game!

Do you ever feel like hiding in a closet, just to escape the kids to get in a few minutes of uninterrupted game time? If so, let me help by saying you, my friend, are not alone. Gaming with children in the home is a challenge all of us “gaming parents” face. Lets back up just a bit and get some history on me. 

I am happily married to my best friend, and I am a mother to four wonderful girls, ages 15, 9, 4 and 3. In the early days of our marriage, I’d say my hubby and I were avid gamers. We had a couple that we met with just about every weekend to hang out and play board games with. We LOVED the more complex and strategy type games back then. We would literally spend entire weekends doing nothing but gaming, eating, laughing, and throwing in a tiny amount of sleep. Fast-forward to today and that doesn’t really happen anymore. The couple we spent so much time with, now has 3 little sets of feet running around their house. Add in our four and it feels like playing a game with a small herd of animals running through the room. People ask us all the time if we knew what caused us to have so many children. My husband always responds with “Yep, but we aren’t willing to give it up!!”.

Now you may be asking yourselves whether or not we still game with all the chaos having so many children brings to our house. The answer is ABSOLUTELY, though it does look very different these days. We have managed to create quite the collection of board games over the years. I LOVE board games!! In the gaming, world, they are definitely my first love. However, setting up and playing board games in this house definitely comes with its challenges. A game that should take 90 minutes to complete can easily take double that with all the interruptions that kids can bring. Do you remember Stewie from The Family Guy? 


This is the life of a mom trying to do anything, and let me tell you, gaming is no different.

If I’m being really honest, board gaming has taken a backseat these days. We still love gaming so, that wasn’t going to stop these parents from getting their game fix. Now Enters The Xbox One. Seriously ya’ll. Console gaming has changed our lives. Just when we had given up and thought we wouldn’t get to game until our kids were older, we rediscovered gaming we thought was long gone with our youth. As kids, we all played Nintendo, Sega, Super Nintendo and for those of us that are really ancient, Atari. I would sit for hours trying to get Mario through to save the princess or Sonic the Hedgehog through to the next level. For some reason, it never occurred to me that console gaming was also great for adults until we had what felt like 74 children.

Xbox One has so many great options for gamers. I am very partial to anything that has a great story. My current faves are Red Dead Redemption, Tomb Raider, Minecraft and for something a little lighter I like the Telltale story games like Telltale Batman. The best part about console gaming for me, is that when the kids inevitably interrupt, I can pause the game. Oh my goodness! How the pause button has changed gaming for this momma! 

If you are in the parenting stage of life like us, I would encourage you to keep on gaming. These days there are so many creative was to game. Don’t let life get in the way. Game on my fellow gamers!!

Can you relate? Is this a completely foreign concept to you? What keeps you from gaming as much as you'd like? Let me know in the comments below! Call it... a support group. :)