Bethesda E3 2018 Press Conference

New announcements:

  1. Rage 2: Presented by Tim Willits (ID Software) and Magnus Nedfors (Avalanche Studios)

    1. You play as Walker the main protagonist and last ranger of the wasteland in an insane and beautiful open world.

    2. Jumped into pre-alpha footage of the “Eden Spaceport Mission”

    3. Made the following highlights:

      1. Promoted “If you see it, you can drive it in-game”

      2. Touts a seamless Open World environment

    4. Release Date Spring 2019

  2. Elder Scrolls Legends: Presented by Christian Van Hoose (Bethesda Softworks)

    1. Improved several aspects of the game

      1. New card, modes, ways to play, and more

    2. Is re-launching with totally overhauled visuals

    3. Legends will be available Later this year on Switch, XB1, and PS4

      1. Progress made on PC, or mobile is carried over to console via account

    4. Currently available on PC, Phone/Tablet.

  3. Elder Scrolls Online: Presented by Matt Firor (ZeniMax Online Studios)

    1. Boasted an 11+ million players in ESO.

    2. 2017 recap, and noted the recent release of Summerset, the latest ESO chapter.

    3. Next DLC, Wolf Hunter will be Werewolf based, and dungeon centric.

    4. Later 2018, via a story DLC, players will return to Black Marsh in Murkmire.

    5. Shared a video for the upcoming content as a sneak peek for the NPCs characters, and events that the player will meet soon.

  4. DOOM Eternal: Presented by Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin

    1. New sequel to DOOM with 2x as many Demons and more powerful armaments.

    2. Hell on Earth is the setting

    3. Debuting at Quake-Con in August 2018 in Dallas, TX

  5. Quake Champions: Presented by Joshua Boyle

    1. Evolved with Community in mind, and boasts the fastest, and most fun online FPS.

    2. Make competitions, and big and small more accessible to all.

    3. Adding more competitions for more players to engage in.

    4. Get access Quake Champions during the week of E3, you get access to the Free to Play version, and continue even after the trial closes.

  6. PREY: Presented by Ricardo Bare and Susan Kath

    1. Free PREY update with 3 new modes: Story Mode, New Game +, and Survival Mode

    2. New DLC named MOONCRASH, which has a dynamic system allowing for infinite re-playability with harder enemies the longer you are present on the “moon”. This is now available.

    3. Later this summer, a new game mode named TYPHON HUNTER is a 5v1. 5 mimics to 1 Hunter. The mimics can be any object in the game world. Expect jump-scares.

  7. Wolfenstein Youngblood: Presented by Jens Matthies and Jerk Gustafson

    1. Wolfsenstein II to Switch on 6/29/2018

    2. Next chapter Youngblood tells the tale of BJ’s twin daughters, and is set in the 1980s.

      1. Will be a co-op experience, as well as support solo.

  8. VR Experiences

    1. New experiences

      1. PREY’s Typhon Hunter – 1st person experience aboard a massive space station

      2. Wolfenstein CYBERPILOT – Hacker to turn Nazi war-bots against their creators

  9. Fallout 76 Presented by Todd Howard (Bethesda Softworks)

    1. A prequel to all other games in the franchise. With a world map boasting 4x the size of Fallout 4.

    2. Set in the Hills of West Virginia, you are a member of Vault 76, the control vault set to open 25 years after the bombs fell. You will emerge into a very different and untamed wasteland.

    3. The world features new rendering, lighting, and landscape technologies. Allows you to view distant weather systems across the map.

    4. Quests span 6 distinct regions with their own style, risks and rewards – T.H.

    5. Actual West Virginia folklore is used to bring the world to life.

    6. Will be an entirely online experience and will allow you to play either solo or team up with friends.

      1. Quest, explore, experience a story all as you would like.

      2. “Softcore” survival…Death doesn’t mean the loss of progression or character.

      3. World will be shared with dozens (not hundreds) of other players, and progression goes with you when you team up

      4. You can build your bases anywhere, and move said bases to anywhere you want.

      5. Screenshot support to document your adventures

    7. Will include multiple nuclear missile sites on the map, and leave it to the players to decide the fate of said missiles, and can be launched anywhere on the map.

    8. 100% dedicated servers to support the game now and for years to come.

    9. BETA testing and access granted through pre-ordering the game now.

    10. Special Edition comes with a wearable T-51b Power Armor Helmet with working Headlamp.

    11. Launching on 11/14/2018

  10. Fallout Shelter: Presented by Todd Howard (Bethesda Softworks)

    1. Celebrating its 3 year anniversary.

    2. Coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch (Joy-cons or touch controls), for free, and is now available to the new platforms

    3. Has had 120 million total players, which has had more players than all of Bethesda’s games combined.

  11. Elder Scrolls Blades: Presented by Todd Howard (Bethesda Softworks)

    1. Mobile experience that is not found anywhere else.

    2. A pure Elder Scrolls 1st person RPG with console-quality graphics, but with a Mobile experience and adaptive controls…one handed, two-handed and can be played entirely in Portrait mode.

    3. Dungeons are all procedurally generated.

    4. Modes of play include:

      1. The Abyss – A rogue-like dungeon experience

      2. The arena – A PvP experience

      3. The Town – Solo questing adventures with elements of town building, that allows you to build it how you want and to visit the towns of your friends.

    5. Being brought to Phone, PC, Consoles, and VR on Mobile and PCs

      1. All cross-platform

    6. Coming Fall 2018 for free

      1. Pre-Order now on Apple AppStore and Android

      2. Register for early access on PC now

  12. Future Plans (Teasers):

    1. STARFIELD – A brand new franchise, set in space.

    2. Elder Scrolls VI