Two-Player Bliss

As the clergyman in The Princess Bride once said, “Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday.” There is something about playing a game with my husband that makes gaming 10x more fun for me. It isn’t always easy and at times I ask myself why I still play games with him, but when we finally beat the game it is all worth it.  There is a sense of accomplishment that you worked with your partner for a common goal and totally nailed this marriage thing.

Couch Co-op is a huge selling point for me when it comes to playing a game. As awesome as having a whole screen to myself is when playing an online multiplayer game, it isn’t quite the same as sitting next to someone and interacting while playing a game. The first game I ever played with Charzillion, outside of fighters, was Halo:Combat Evolved. This was a game I spent many hours playing solo on the original Xbox. I ran through every campaign all the way up to the Legendary difficulty. Spent just as much time playing the Multiplayer versus modes. So being able to play with the guy I was dating at the time was going to be awesome. We were both experienced gamers and felt completely confident in our ability to run through the game on Legendary co-op. We didn’t even make it to the Halo. We didn’t touch that game again until the anniversary edition was released for the 360 a couple years later. The difference was night and day. Being together for a while and learning how each other worked, we could communicate effectively. We knew how to anticipate each others actions and work together. All that being said, we still have very different play styles.

The reason for our failure the 1st time playing Halo most likely came from our different approaches. My husband is a “run in there guns blazing” type, whereas I’m more analytical of the situation (Insert Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars joke here.) You can always tell if we are on the same page by how we play games together. A few months into our marriage Portal 2 released. It offered two-player gameplay outside the main storyline that required complete cooperation to solve each test chamber. This proved to be a really trying game for our very different play styles. I wanted to solve the puzzles to get to the next one and he wanted to explore every nook and cranny which usually led to me being stuck or him dying. This meant running  the same levels over and over, again and again. We finally got through it and we were battle worn. It was a trial to get through the game, but when we did it felt glorious. Every irritation we had with each other while playing didn’t matter. We won TOGETHER and that was the best part.

Each game we play together is a new  adventure. It tests our communication and team-work. We feel stronger for the experience and carry it over into our daily lives. It shows us where we might be coming up short and how to improve. I look forward to playing games with him for the rest of my life.

What are some games you play with your significant other? Do you sometimes feel like throwing a controller at their head? What is your favorite Two-Player or Multiplayer game?